The True Value of a College Degree

The pay gap between high school and college graduates doesn’t vary significantly until further into your career; U.S. Census reports show that bachelor’s degrees earn almost $2M, associate’s degrees close to $1.5M and high school diplomas nearly $1.2M throughout their career. Of course, the $.8M difference between a bachelor’s degree and high school diploma is the main reason people are rushing to obtain this over-priced piece of paper. When you consider tuition, room and board totalling over $100K for a 4-year degree* you have to wonder…Is it worth it?

As you increase your work experience, you will see that most company’s “require” a college degree. That can prevent you from going any higher on the corporate ladder which shows that investment can pay off later in life.  My belief, is that society has embedded that negative image in our heads to hinder our ability to thrive without being in debt. I’ve heard stories that sound like fairy tales where a person realized their talent, learned how to profit from that talent and went on to be successful without a college degree. That will leave us to analyze…what is a success? The idea of being successful varies from person-to-person so it all comes down to you figuring it out for yourself.

The True Value of a College Degree

Going to college isn’t for everyone, it depends on your journey in life and where it takes you. If you want success, you take whatever steps are needed to get there. Choose a profession you love and not just a job with a higher salary. Do your research and consider all options. Some “blue-collar” jobs make 6-figure salaries. If you enjoy that type of work – it could make you very successful without the expensive degrees on your wall. Obtaining professional certifications could increase your funds because you can quickly become specialized and an expert in that field.

The True Value of a College Degree

For me, a college degree doesn’t equal success or more money. It does open doors but without the will and determination, you end up wasting your time and money. What makes it worth the investment, is specializing in a field and that doesn’t necessarily always require a college degree. Also, educating yourself isn’t a bad thing. Just understand that your ability to get more in life, all comes down to how hard you’re willing to work.

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