“Why can’t I find a job” – The Struggles of Long Term Unemployment

long term unemployment

Being unemployed for more than 6-months is considered long-term unemployment and it is the most emotionally draining experiences – it’s reported that over 6 million people are stuck in this rut. Whether it be the lack of available jobs in their profession, adjusting with the times or facing personal issues […]

Show Me The Money Job Fair 2019

I’m passionate in what I do and it shows in my work and interactions with clients – see for yourself why working with WriteOne Resumes is a different experience from the rest! Our resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profile development are designed to help put your best foot forward – […]

Falling Retail Giant – Finding the Job Industry on the Rise

Falling Retail Giant

Since the early 2000’s, department stores have been drastically shutting down resulting in at least 448K retail jobs being cut as stores struggle to keep a dying American tradition alive. Long are the days where people go to the mall to unwind, check out the latest fashions and grab an […]