Job Seeking Tips And Techniques 2020

Job Search Tips – Get the Job You Want!

Looking for a job seeking tips and techniques? Well in this article you will find the best Ones. whether you treat it as a full or part-time job depends on you. No matter what, creating a plan will help you focus on what’s important and organize your time to get the best results! Whether you’re racing to beat the loud unemployment clock counting down your last check or if you just had enough and you’re ready to take on new challenges – these tips will guide you through it!

Job Seeking Tips And Techniques 2020

1. A clear & concise professional resume and LinkedIn profile go a long way!
The benefits of having your resume and LinkedIn profile professionally done is plentiful – it ensures your resume is highlighting keywords and well-written to help you get your foot in the door. If that’s not an option, don’t feel discouraged since there are many free templates and online guides to help you create a resume with ease.

2. Polish your personal/professional brand
As soon as you submit your resume for a job, you are selling your brand. A major aspect in resume writing is developing content – using words to market your personal attributes and boast about what an employer could expect if they were lucky enough to have you. That’s right..lucky! During the job search process, you can forget one major part about getting a job – THEY NEED YOU! Your skills, achievements and capabilities to be a leader or a highly effective supportive team player needs to be exemplified on your resume and LinkedIn. *Google search yourself – see what employers are likely to find about you and control your content*

3. Set your standards
Not sure of your needs/wants from a future employer? Make a list. Some job benefits are necessary such as healthcare benefits or a decent salary but try to see the bigger picture. Do you like working in a team setting or independent? Are you seeking a position that allows you to grow/learn or just simple repetitive tasks? Would you like additional incentives such as an on-site gym, childcare services or the ability to work from home? These are all things to consider in today’s job market – employers realize new tactics need to be put in place to retain high-quality employees.

4. Search, network and search again!
Now that you have a clear outline of what you’re looking for – it’s time to start looking. Don’t limit yourself & think outside the box. Easier said than done, I know but just submitting your resume randomly to job openings is not the most effective way. Be observant of your surroundings, some companies only post jobs on their website – do some research of the companies in the area that interest you. Attend networking/job fair events – this will help you see what’s out there and also talk directly with recruiters. Take advantage of LinkedIn – not only does it connect you with people within the company but you can also view/apply to job listings. The major key to job searching is to be open to using different methods – there are many ways to reach your goal!

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