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Job Interview Question – “Why Should We Hire You?”

Finding the right answers for interview questions can be tough – you want to say what they want to hear but that’s a difficult task unless you do some research. Open-ended questions like these challenge you to be truthful because they’re trying to figure out what makes! They want to see what value you would add to the company; not just the position.

Research, Practice, Practice! – Before any interview, you should research the company and practice answering interview questions. Google most popular interview questions just to give yourself a head start (I’m sure this one will come up) and jot down some key terms/skills to get you on track to answering these questions. The idea is to walk in that interview armed with some trigger words in mind to get you talking naturally – you don’t want to walk in like you practised a script. Keep in mind, they are observing your behaviour, personality and skill capabilities. Based on your research, you should be able to link your key terms with similar/exact skills that are required for the job.

What’s the right answer? – Honestly, there’s no such thing as the right one since we lack the ability to read minds but lucky for us, we have the INTERNET. Most companies put a vast amount of information on their website which should be used as a guide. In short, the following steps should help you respond to almost any question hiring managers/recruiters throw at you:

  1. Analyze the job description, company website and company review sites such as to get a better understanding of the company culture – not only to determine if it’s the best fit for you but also if you’re the perfect match for them.
  2. Make a list of your top 5-10 skills and another list right next to it with the job requirement skill sets. How many do you have in common? Which ones are you capable of learning? The idea is to come as close as possible to a perfect match when responding to interview questions.
  3. Throughout your Q&A session – make sure you show your capability to take on challenges, solve problems and/or leadership abilities through short stories from previous job success. These are very general/major proficiencies needed for almost EVERY job but make sure you utilize specific occupational skills in your field*.

*This process is not a simple task for some and that’s why WriteOne Resumes is always here to help guide you through it! #choosethewriteone

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