How to Answer Questions during an Interview

You sent your resume, and it hits the spot with the recruiters, and they pick you for a face to face interview. It’s excellent news to you; however, it can also be; nerve-wracking. Most people dread that day when an interview is coming up. It’s a normal reaction to feel butterflies before the interview day. From your resume, you have set high expectations, and now it’s time to prove to them what you are made of.

When you are searching for a job, you spend a lot of hours drafting cover letters, contacting potential companies hoping to secure a job interview. A smart job seeker prepares accordingly and learns all the common interview questions asked by the interviewer. Anticipating and knowing all the interview questions and how to answer them will give you the best shot at making a first and great impression. 

Almost all the interviewers ask a common set of questions. Here are some essential points to know when answering the questions:

  • Don’t be Impulsive When Answering Questions

Different interviewers will speak at different speeds. Allow the interviewer to finish asking the question before responding. Carefully listen to each word, some questions might sound similar to other questions, but they demand different responses. For instance, the interviewer might ask you a question like, “what skills do you have to handle a customer?” If you listened to the first part, “what skills do you have…?’ you will give a wrong answer, and that will show your lack of listening skills.

  • Take a Pause before Answering a Question

Wait a few seconds after the interviewer has finished speaking to be sure you heard the question. However, do not pause for a longer time to avoid looking weird. Then create a mental list of points on how you will respond to the question. Stick to the list to avoid wandering off the point. Cover all the main aspects of the questions and ensure you have answered all the parts of the employer’s questions.

  • Respond by stating the Key Points

Repeat the points when answering the question, and let your explanation fact in all the aspects and how you applied them in your previous job. This move will help to highlight your skills and boost your chance as the right person for the job.

  • Say something Unique About Yourself

Tell the interviewer about your extraordinary skills, if you are good at graphic designs, event planning, or essay writing. The interviewer spends some time with each candidate before picking one successful candidate. Leave a nice impression to improve your chances of being selected. You can add your skills when answering a question such as, “tell me about yourself,” you can start by saying, “being a finalist in an essay competition…”


Last but not least, carefully listen to your interviewer, whether you will get the job or not. The interviewer who is giving you a chance for professional growth deserves some respect. When you are in the interview room, keep your cell phone on silent mode.  

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