The True Value of a College Degree

The pay gap between high school and college graduates doesn’t vary significantly until further into your career; U.S. Census reports show that bachelor’s degrees earn almost $2M, associate’s degrees close to $1.5M and high school diplomas nearly $1.2M throughout their career. Of course, the $.8M difference between a bachelor’s degree […]


Job interviews can be nerve-wrecking! You don’t know exactly what they’re looking for in a candidate or what red flags they’re trying to avoid. Saying one wrong thing could easily destroy this opportunity – there’s no script to make this process any easier but there are a few absolute No-No’s […]

“Why can’t I find a job” – The Struggles of Long-Term Unemployment

Being unemployed for more than 6-months is considered long-term unemployment and it is the most emotionally draining experiences – it’s reported that over 6 million people are stuck in this rut. Whether it be the lack of available jobs in their profession, adjusting with the times or facing personal issues […]

Falling Retail Giant – Finding the Job Industry on the Rise

Since the early 2000’s, department stores have been drastically shutting down resulting in at least 448K retail jobs being cut as stores struggle to keep a dying American tradition alive. Long are the days where people go to the mall to unwind, check out the latest fashions and grab an […]