The Advantages of Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest website geared towards business-oriented networking for professionals. The site has over 500 million people from over 200 countries. LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform that has been around longer than Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.  What is LinkedIn? With a well-written LinkedIn profile, you can […]

How to Write an Entry-level Cover Letter

This article shares the best way to make an impressive introduction – Write a Cover Letter For Recent Graduates or Students. An introduction should be memorable, you want people to recognize your talent right away and what you’re capable of delivering. This is why a cover letter is just as […]

The True Value of a College Degree

The pay gap between high school and college graduates doesn’t vary significantly until further into your career; U.S. Census reports show that bachelor’s degrees earn almost $2M, associate’s degrees close to $1.5M and high school diplomas nearly $1.2M throughout their career. Of course, the $.8M difference between a bachelor’s degree […]


job interview preparation

Job interviews Preparation can be nerve-wrecking! You don’t know exactly what they’re looking for in a candidate or what red flags they’re trying to avoid. Saying one wrong thing could easily destroy this opportunity – there’s no script to make this process any easier but there are a few absolute […]

“Why can’t I find a job” – The Struggles of Long Term Unemployment

long term unemployment

Being unemployed for more than 6-months is considered long-term unemployment and it is the most emotionally draining experiences – it’s reported that over 6 million people are stuck in this rut. Whether it be the lack of available jobs in their profession, adjusting with the times or facing personal issues […]

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