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How to Answer Questions during an Interview

You sent your resume, and it hits the spot with the recruiters, and they pick you for a face to face interview. It’s excellent news to you; however, it can also be; nerve-wracking. Most people dread that day when an interview is coming up. It’s a normal reaction to feel […]

If failure wasn’t an option, what would you do differently?

In life, we save everything for later whether it be to lose weight, go back to school or going for a job opportunity. Why not now? What’s holding you back? That answer is usually fear of FAILING. Let go of the fear and start planning! Setting goals inspires mental clarity […]

How to Write an Entry-level Cover Letter

This article shares the best way to make an impressive introduction – Write a Cover Letter For Recent Graduates or Students. An introduction should be memorable, you want people to recognize your talent right away and what you’re capable of delivering. This is why a cover letter is just as […]